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Clint Arthur is a Wharton Business School graduate & award-winning Speaker & Info-Marketer who appears frequently on The Today Show, ABC NBC CBS Fox TV News & Talk Shows. He’s shared the stage with Martha Stewart, Dr Oz, Suzanne Somers, Caitlyn Jenner, IceT, and 5 Presidents of the United States at Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Mercedes, Porsche, Coca Cola, Microsoft, the Royal Society of Medicine, AT&T and Carnegie Hall. He lives in New York City, Los Angeles & Acapulco with his wife Ali, and Nova, their Billion Peso Puppy. “Wisdom Of The Men,” his 21st bestselling book, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Marisol Camacho, originally from the scenic Washington state, moved to the bustling tech world of San Francisco where she thrived for 4 years. The tech landscape offered insights but also led to burnout. It pushed me to discover my true calling: becoming a certified yoga teacher, then certified life coach through iPEC and a Certified Trauma-Informed Facilitator. My journey wasn't just professional. After settling in sunny Orange County, life threw its curveballs with a separation and divorce. Seeking a fresh start, I found solace in Mexico, which resonated deeply with my soul. I am now studying to to become a licensed psychologist in Mexico. Whether it's pivoting from a draining job, igniting a business from your own narrative, navigating the rough tides of heartbreak, or simply seeking a new beginning that speaks to your heart, I'm here to walk alongside you. Together, we'll craft your vision, chase those dreams, and make your unique mark on the world. If not now, when?
Get in Touch - www.connectwithmarisol.com
Army Veteran, freedom loving nomad, business owner and host of The Ronin Mindset Podcast.

Steve can be found at:
FB:   https://www.facebook.com/stevedidier               https://www.facebook.com/LimitlessBusinessCredit
IG: @Steve_Didier  
TikTok:  @SteveDidier
LinkedIn:    /stevedidier  
YouTube: @SteveDidier-800.Credit
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Website:  https://TheRoninMindset.com
John is a world traveler, living in many countries over his varied career. Beginning in France he
spent 10 years in the marine hospitality industry, traversing the Mediterranean and traveling to
the Americas and Caribbean. After a few years running hotels in the UK, he went to Asia and ran a
successful cruise ship agency in Thailand. Before landing in Myanmar (Burma) for the 10-year
period of democracy, managing hospitality outlets both on and off the water.
Combining his metaphor coaching and PQ* coaching has streamlined moving around and
functioning successfully in new locations. Today John, along with his wife run a successful
coaching & training business remotely offering services to ex-pats before and arriving in new
PQ* coaching is a technique that is web based and uses focus exercises to relax and focus the
John can be found on LinkedIn
“Don’t tell anyone” silenced Jackie Bailey at the age of 8. Fifteen years later she saved another child by speaking up. Known as The International Conversation Coach, Jackie inspires clients to break their silence and become victorious over trauma.Today she is the founder and executive director of The Speak Feed Lead Project which has empowered hundreds of children, teens, and adults with confident, courageous voices shared on global stages, competitions, podcasts, and books.Jackie is a 2015 semi-finalist in The World Championship of Public Speaking, a TEDx speaker, a best-selling author of five books on topics ranging from leadership, healing, communication, and parenting, and the co-host of Life Mastery Radio with Todd & Jackie.You can find her at
Ross “Yergz” Yerger is a retired Special Agent from the US Secret Service. With a passion for travel and hospitality, Yergz developed a hotel brand like no other: Chez Yergz is French for “the home of Yergz”! Here, it’s like you’re a friend of Yergz, and a guest at his home, not just some anonymous guest at just another hotel. Chez Yergz - Welcome Home!
Adapting to a New Life: Common Challenges of Moving Abroad

Emily Rogers has lived abroad for over 20 years including 12 years moving around Asia following my husbands career. She is currently in New Zealand and started her company as a transition and leadership coach supporting people transitioning countries as well as career transitions. Emily started her business about 5 years ago when she was tired of volunteering her time and needed something more for herself.

You can find her on the following social media platforms:
Website - https://www.theleaptolead.com
Thomas is a business consultant who runs multiple businesses. This year he is leveraging his contacts in India to start 2 new businesses using call center employees from major multinationals to do other work.

You will find Tom's roofing, consulting, and accounting businesses www.tagwyo.com 
and other social media here:

Prof. Maurizio Rosini, Italian born, Head of Marketing & Communication for a French Private University, Alzette University. Passionate about Education and Blockchain Technology recently embraced a new venture as Head of Marketing & Communication for a WEb3 company Maieux based in Malaysia and operating worldwide. Prof. Maurizio Rosini is facilitating a Men’s Circle in Kuala Lumpur co-creating a community of men willing to become more emotionally mature developing more self-awareness and self-confidence in order to live the most fulfilling life as possible.

You can connect with him here:


Kaitlin, founder of "Think Happy," is a Houston-based happiness advocate passionate about helping others live their most joyful lives. A Texas A&M alum, she cherishes her time with her husband Oakley, kids Eleanor and James, and Goldendoodle Guppy—known collectively as "Cuevastown." Whether sipping on French Roast coffee, exploring Houston's dining scene, or indulging Guppy's love for belly rubs, Kaitlin embodies the mission of her company: creating habits and routines that lead to genuine happiness.

Instagram @thinkhappy_co
Kevin has had a very varied background. After high school, he joined the US Navy and was stationed in Japan for four years on a ship. This allowed him to see many countries and experience different types of cultures. He has also had many different career paths - college math teacher, a beach bartender, stuntman and stunt coordinator for film and TV (he is Kevin Dunlap (1) on IMDB). Kevin started a real estate consultation business which led to becoming a realtor several years later. Additionally, being an international podcast host and writing 4 books, he now using all those experiences working with other coaches, trainers, and service-based industry experts to help them start or grow small businesses.  Kevin does this through his online courses, webinars, workshop, and coaching programs.

Book: Launch! - The A to Z in Creating A Successful Business

Claire has been running a digital marketing agency for the last 16 years. They focus on lead generation and search marketing. The business is registered in the UK, but because of the differences in how the countries operate, she is also registered as Autonomo in Spain. Taxes in Spain are on an incredibly complex sliding scale plus an additional monthly Autonomo fee, which makes the country feel very anti-business.
Darren has a solid method for starting and growing six figure creative businesses. He brings decades of experience as a film producer and applies those systems that work to other creative businesses to help them become more resilient and profitable. He started craftsman creative in 2020 right at the start of the pandemic. Have since grown it into three different businesses - Craftsman Films, Craftsman Creative, and Lightbulb Courses.
He works 75% of the time as a full-time film producer. The rest of the time he writes a newsletter/blog/podcast every week and does consulting for creative business owners.
Anthony E. Parent, Esq. went to law school with his father, David G. Parent, Esq. Both graduated on May 12, 2002. The two then went into practice together specializing in tax with a focus on helping international entrepreneurs to be their best.
Anthony is the author or the business best-seller "IRS Confidential" and he host the IRSMedic podcast on YouTube which has become an invaluable resource for business owners around the globe.
Anthony is known for his passion and high energy - he knows how the US tax code handcuffs entrepreneurs, but he also knows the solutions available.
Daniel Lawson CEO & Founder, Transformational Coach & Facilitator, Community Leader. From corporate strategist to founder of a unique lifestyle brand, Daniel's journey from creating Parallaxx Apparel to Parallaxx Transformations charts a daring path of redefining success. He pathed the 'Adventurepreneur' coaching niche, blending adventure and entrepreneurship to spark profound transformations.

Free book download (pre-release print edition) Three Toxic Lies  
A serial entrepreneur since birth, Dan Nicholson took a detour through the “conventional” model of graduating summa cum laude with degrees in Accounting and E-Commerce Information Systems, completing a fellowship at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, working at Deloitte and various Fortune 500 companies, and being named to the 40 Under 40 list of global accountants four times.
One day, Dan woke from his cloud of dissonance, tired of the corporate drudgery of meetings about meetings and future meetings. Now, he takes the conventional and applies it to the non-conventional by helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs achieve financial certainty through several businesses he’s founded.

Simon Lader is the host of The Conference Room, Co-Founder of global executive search firm Salisi Human Capital and online coaching firm Salisi Academy. Since 1997, Simon has helped Senior Executives achieve Life Transformation through finding their ideal job, and consulted with leading enterprise software and cybersecurity vendors to build highly effective teams.
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/sharescalemonitize
Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/3dd0obQSM8cYRV0HCxiuF0
Marcus is the co-founder of Titan Marketer, a digital marketing agency that caters to high-ticket coaches and consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs. They help their clients with advertising on Google and YouTube.
Titan Marketer simplifies every process without taking shortcuts. They have a solid digital marketing foundation, with over a decade of experience in helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and understand the ins and outs of modern marketing.
Website: https://titanmarketer.com/services/funnel/home
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@marcussvedin5063
Erika Wasserman is CEO of Your Financial Therapist, which she founded in 2019. As a Certified Financial Therapist CFT-I™, a sought-after certification held by only 70 people in the world, she combines her education in finance and international economics with her passion for helping others, empowering individuals, couples, and companies to reshape the way they think about money.
Website: https://yourfinancialtherapist.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erikawasserman
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yourfinancialtherapist
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourfinancialtherapy
Dr. Sherell Edwards, Ed.D, is a highly accomplished and compassionate Certified Phytotherapist, Health Consultant, and proprietor of All One Life. With over 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Sherell's expertise encompasses body system assessment, natural healing, disease prevention, detoxification, live-sourced supplementation, and herbal medicinal formulation.

Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Sherell manages three Florida-based limited liability companies and fulfills her role as a Functional Healthcare Practitioner/Phytotherapist, delivering holistic care and personalized treatment plans. With her deep commitment to healing and her dedication to the partnership between health assessment, lab work testing, and overall wellness, Dr. Sherell Edwards is an invaluable resource in the pursuit of optimal health and vitality.

Deep Dive on the lack of training of Life and Health insurance agents regarding/compared to the overwhelming need of the senior citizens.
With nearly 15 years in the industry as an agent, trainer, manager, agency owner and now business development expert, Jeremy is offering access to his Playbook - Best Practices in order to help fellow Independent Life and Health Insurance Agents / Agency owners make massive progress in your careers.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@jeremysmithacademy
Website: https://jeremysmithacademy.com
Tim is an expat living in the USA. He is a former pro soccer player and Mongolian national team soccer player. He takes pride in building a great business and scaling it. The work he does really fulfills his life. If you want to get to know more about Tim, you can find him on the platforms below:
Website: https://www.TimGuerico.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timguercio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Timguercio
Lee Boarders and I are are talking about startup and growth of businesses, especially as we have a global market literally at our fingertips. Lee helps people get more time, more money and more freedom in their life, by helping them not only understand themselves, but their business too. Allowing them to create and pivot their business to be spaceless and timeless. Spaceless, meaning that it can be done anywhere in the world. Timeless, meaning that they do not have to be working 40 hours a week in to be successful. This is done through creating the right mindset, defining business processes and learning to outsource what you don't like doing, allowing business owners to work on the business instead of in it, learning how to create multiple income streams and passive incomes.

website: https://leebroders.com
Evan Tzivanakis is an Award Winning Accredited Executive Coach, www.ExecutiveCoachAsia.com, Learning & Development Specialist, a Management Consultant, and an Online Visiting Lecturer at the EU Business School, Switzerland.
With his global experience alongside his academic qualifications, he helps Organizational Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are facing a setback, get over that setback, by getting clarity on their goals and exploring ways to reach them so they can lead with a little more ease. He does that by offering some of the most educational, impactful, and transformational coaching & training solutions.

You can connect with him here or on LinkedIn or by email at evan@executivecoachasia.com
Christelle is founder of the Freedom Catcher Academy TM, her specialty is potential analysis, career optimization and team building at home. Christelle is driven, results-oriented and has a dynamic business mind helping her clients to create a balanced and effective life rhythm, to clarify their life purpose and to make massive actions to build a meaningful and profitable career. She quickly assesses professional and personal situations and always finds creative win-win solutions. Working with her is a treat because she makes sure her clients get the results they are after.

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