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Its Time To Live Your Best Life

We help entrepreneurs, investors, and small business owners diversify their life by becoming Global Citizens. With this, they legally reduce their taxes, increase their income, protect their assets, and maximize their freedom.

It is time to diversify your life by "Planting Flags" in various countries so you are not under the control of one single government. 
Flag #1: 
Multiple Residencies
How to get a second residency
Flag #2: 
Multiple Citizenships
Flag #3: 
Offshore Company
Flag #4: 
Offshore Banking
Flag #5: 
International Investment
Flag #6: 
Asset Protection
Flag #7: 
Digital Privacy
Protecting your digital privacy
The Global Citizen Life
I’m Sally Pederson and this is Global Citizen Life. For more than ten years I have been traveling and living in various countries. I have obtained dual citizenship, multiple residencies, and have several bank accounts in various countries. If you have ever heard the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket", well, we don't want to have all our eggs in one country either. As we have seen in recent years, things can change quickly and I never want to be trapped or lose my freedom because of the decisions of the government. 
So, now I help five and six-figure entrepreneurs and business owners diversify their life so they can legally reduce their taxes to zero or single digits, obtain multiple citizenships and residencies, accumulate international investments, and protect their assets in various destinations while living in a country or countries of their choice. 
So, we are never stuck under the control of any one single government.   
What People Are Saying:
"...This Is Really Possible For Anyone!"
I didn't realize how quickly and easily I could start making these necessary changes in my life to guarantee I would have more freedom and certainty in my life. I'm excited to now be a Global Citizen. 
Lisa - Tampa, FL. USA
"...You Won't Believe Til You Do It!"

Working with Sally made my transition from having everything tied up into one country to being completely diversified a manageable journey. I'm thankful that she has also helped me save and make tens of thousands of dollars.
Christine - Toronto, ON. Canada
"...It's A Life Changer! 
I'm So Thankful!"
My family and I are loving our wonderful life in our dream destination. We never thought it was possible to have this kind of lifestyle with the income we earn. Our children are also happy at their new school. I will continue to work on more of the suggestions to diversify so we can have an even better life. 
Jason - Los Angeles, CA. USA
Secrets the government doesn't want you to know book
Secrets The Government Doesn't Want You To Know
Are you tired of handing over your hard-earned money to the government, obligated to give it to them so they can spend it however they choose? Wasting millions on a piece of "art", millions on a walking bridge, millions more that just seem to go to something that has simply gone "over budget". 
Now Is The Time To Stop That!
The government doesn't want you to know You Can Legally Pay Little To ZERO Taxes and live in a country of your choice, with more freedom and safety than where you are right now. 
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